Candle Maintenance

  • With any candle, the first burn is most important. First, candles should burn one hour for every 1 inch in diameter of the actual candle size. Therefore, with Therapy in a Jar 9 oz candles, there should be a burn time minimum of 4 hours to liquefy the entire top layer of wax.
  • Natural soy candles have a longer burn time than the typically blended wax candles on the market. So, expect 40-50 hours of burn time per candle.
  • Remember to trim the wick to ¼ inch during the entire life of the candle. This creates a clean and efficient burn maximizing the fragrance throw. 
  • Always burn candles well away from drafts, other heat sources, and anything flammable. Make sure burning candles are out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Shipping & Processing

  • Orders are accepted 24/7, excluding the day of and the day after holidays.
  • Processing of orders takes 3-4 business days. Customers will be notified when processing is complete via email notification.
  • Orders will be shipped via USPS Parcel Ground. Customers will receive a shipping notification with tracking information once your order is shipped.
  • To change your order, please contact customer support within 24 hours of order placement via therapyinajarandco@gmail.com or call (843) 790-4975. 


  • All products are carefully inspected and packaged before shipping. Thus, your candle purchase is non-refundable. Please reach out to therapyinajarandco@gmail.com or call (843) 790-4975 for customer support!
  • If the product(s) are received damaged during shipment, please contact customer support to resolve the issue.